A Diving Trip of a Lifetime Onboard the Nautilus

This post is about our diving at Cabo Pierce aboard the Nautilus but before I get down to the dive proper, it would be such a shame if I did not mention the wonderful hospitability on board that made the trip even more pleasurable.

A big thanks to Chef Tony for the amazing food dished out, even keeping in mind the special diet needs of the guests. On this trip, there are people on board who were here before, guests who crossed two oceans to get here, and guests who will soon be seeing a hammerhead shark for the first time in their lives!

And a huge welcome to guests who are having difficult times in their home country because of the actual war in Western Europe. All the crew and staff, the captain, and the dive masters are more than happy to have us onboard, wishing us and the world better times soon.

So, on to our remarkable dives off Cabo Pierce.

Incredible Diving Experience Off Cabo Pierce

Today I have had one of my best dives with hammerhead sharks. On the second dive in Cape Pearce, around 11 am, we jumped in the water on the North wall and descended slowly. The conditions were very good, there was little current and the visibility was very good. We followed the reef and after only 5 minutes a large school of hammerheads approached us.

We remain calm and feel ecstatic to look at them and slowly we follow them, but unfortunately, as suddenly as they had arrived, they disappear into the blue. We all look at each other happily and go back to the “amphitheater”, but suddenly “boom”, again the school returned and this time it seemed even bigger as it came closer, closer, closer even closer until we were surrounded by them. All the divers were happy and some of them even yelled in happiness from inside their regulator!

I have never seen a school of hammerheads so big and so close, and tears of happiness started to fall from my eyes inside my mask. Unfortunately, the air and the bottom time tore us away from this magical moment and it was time to return to the surface. As soon as we surfaced, we looked at each other and screamed with happiness. For many of us, it was one of the best dives of our lives, and of course, I am included on the list. Thank you, Socorro, for this gift, and thank you Oceano for this magical and unforgettable moment.

The bandwagon rolled on the next day too and we were treated to more incredible moments on our subsequent dives at Cabo Pierce. We had close encounters with lots of mantas, hammerheads, Galapagos, Silky sharks, and big yellowfin tuna, and lots of fun with our guests from Spain! There were playful mantas that followed us for more than 30 minutes, probably wondering who had intruded into their domain.

In the afternoon, on board the Nautilus, it was jacuzzi time with margaritas, mezcalitas, and after that a delicious dinner from our chef Tony.

There was great manta interaction on our last day at Cabo Pearce. On the first dive, I counted at least 7 different Mantas. They kept on coming around the group. One of the most amazing things that I love to see is the hard work of the endemic Clarion Angelfish. They spend most of their time cleaning the elegant Mantas. It is like a spa treatment. So cool to see this bright orange fish on top of the black skin of the Mantas.

There are another four more dives to go at Cabo Pierce and we hope that we will be as close to wonderful marine life as we have been for so long. Signing off with a big thank you to the crew of the Nautilus for a memorable experience so far.
Will surely be back for more in the future.

By Nautilus Crew

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