An Incredible Week On Board the Gallant Lady – A Dive Master’s Tale

It has been an amazing week aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady and as a dive master, it was so satisfying to see the guests super excited by their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The first day of the trip got off to a flying start with a school of mobulas in Punta Arena, close to la Ventana. It was super fun to swim with these little creatures very close to the surface. As soon as they accept your presence you can start free diving and be part of the family without scaring them.

Later in the afternoon, we found two fin whales, the second biggest animal in the world!! Was very nice to watch them from the Gallant Lady with a beautiful view from the sundeck. The icing on the cake was a mum and baby humpback that showed up at sunset on our way back to El Saltito. The sky again gifted us beautiful colors and the sea turned pink. What a beautiful day.

Mantastic dive – What Dreams Are Made Of!

Today, we are starting this trip from San Benedicto Island, the first stop where we dove Fondeadero and El Cañón. The highlight of the day was that we saw Mantas on every single dive along with Hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, and a couple of Tiger sharks! There were also lots of octopuses and lobsters walking the reef, so it was not only big animals swimming around the reef but full of little creatures too!

Summing up the day, I can say that it was Mantas all the way. Lots and lots and lots of mantas were around us and we had an interaction with a black manta for more than 50 minutes. But not to be outdone, there was a tiger shark on the first and last dive and a single dolphin on the second dive. We also heard the wonderful sound of a Humpback whale singing early in the morning super close to the deep cleaning station! It was wonderful to have the feeling of having a whale around.

So incredible has been our experience that we may dive at Cabo Pearce again tomorrow.

With the Big Animals – The Whales and the Orcas

We start early in the morning with the mobulas jumping like pop-corns!! It’s a very cool swim with this little creature, literally “the angels of the sea”. We were looking for a sperm whale when the spotter plane finds for us a whale shark close to the beach! We were in the water with a juvenile Whale shark, so cute!! For some of the guests it was the first time in their life that they were seeing this gentle giant animal! For me, it is so gratifying to see the smile on the faces of these people when their dreams come true!

The surprise was not finished yet. After breakfast, Captain Gordon from the flybridge spotted a pod of ORCAS!!!! We followed the orcas for a bit with the Gallant Lady. We saw some dolphins around, and the orcas were pointing there!!! Woooow!! The dolphins started to swim away fast but for some of them, it was not a lucky day. We saw a poor dolphin sink between the orcas. Cruel wildlife!!

Definitely, it is an incredible experience what we can see in the “ORCAS AND MOBULAS” trip around the Sea of Cortez! When is the best time to come?? NOW!! Any time something unforgettable can happen!!

By Nautilus Crew

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