A Once-in-a-lifetime Trip to Revillagigedo

Our diving adventure trip to Revillagigedo Archipelago, better known as Socorro Islands on board the Nautilus UnderSea Hunter was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was not only about the incredible sea life that we saw at close quarters but also about the friendship and the bonding with fellow divers in the group and the hospitality and support of the crew were amazing too.
We had 15 guests on board of various nationalities – the United States, Ukraine, Romania, Mexico, and South Korea. But this mix of diverse cultures was no hurdle to our growing friendship every passing day as we got to know each other. Rather, the UnderSea Hunter was like a home away from home. In the main salon, we spent nights playing cards and board games, having drinks from the well-stocked bar, and in general having a great time together.

Spectacular Marine Life at Revillagigedo

Every trip to Revillagigedo brings guests to one of the most remote diving places on earth and to close encounters with sublime marine creatures many of them endemic, which means that they exist here only in the world in this set of islands. Each of them is so unique and special you will be astonished just looking at them.
During this trip, we had our dives at San Benedicto, Roca Partida, and Socorro islands with lots of interactions with exotic sea creatures. During the dives, we had the good fortune to have mantas coming very close to the divers to check them out, hammerheads, Galapagos, whitetips and silky sharks, dolphins, and even a very curious baby silky shark circling us.
Conditions have been pretty good but some days there was more wind than others making us careful of the dive operations. However, we knew we were always safe and in the good hands of Captain Alberto Enrique Muñoz – Beto – who devotedly took care of all and ensured that we have a lovely and pleasant experience. Additionally, he has a great sense of humor, and was always making everyone laugh during his speeches!

Incredible Hospitality on the UnderSea Hunter

Even the best of experiences under the surface with fascinating marine life would not have accounted for much if we had not got the wonderful support of the crew and the staff onboard the Nautilus UnderSea Hunter. Every single member of the crew has been working very hard to make this trip fantastic and unique for all guests. I think I should thank each of them individually by name.
The First Mate, Sebastián Monzón was the angel of our sleep during his night watches, taking care of the safety onboard and driving the divers to the dive site. Jesus Aurelio Haro, the engineer, was all over the boat fixing every tiny thing (and the big things too!), carrying the diver’s tanks when they came back aboard, and keeping everyone entertained with the remarkable stories of his experiences.
A special mention is due to our beloved dive masters, Pablo Soto, Daniela Bacchetta, and Stein Kwadijk. They introduced and taught the guests all they know about this amazing place on earth and the dive sites, taking care of them during the dives, spotting breathtaking marine life, filling tanks, fixing gear, keeping the dive deck tidy and organized and so much more. They were incredible!
And what could we have done without the hostesses Faviola Cervantes and Constanza Pessio Vignolo? They made sure that the hospitality onboard was top-notch, waiting for guests with warm drinks and a big smile after the dives and excitedly hearing about your experiences underwater. They went out of the way to prepare special cocktails, desserts, and cookies, keeping the cabins fresh and helping renowned Chef Antonio Mata Osuna to prepare the best food aboard that you can imagine.
I would like to thank each of the crew and the guests for such a wonderful experience during this trip. We have learned and discovered so much together and made new friends from all over the world. I will be carrying back incredible memories of this trip that will always remain very close to my heart.
Wish to see you all again!

By Nautilus Crew

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