Punta Tosca and the Canyon – Dream Diving Destinations

Punta Tosca in the Socorro Islands and the Canyon are one of the best diving destinations in the world. The visibility is typically very good and the seas are mostly calm, making for great diving conditions. And when the current comes in, it brings with it, a rich assortment of marine life, often at a handshaking distance to the divers. For picking up memories to last a lifetime there cannot be a better place than Punta Tosca and the Canyon to indulge in wonderful undersea adventurers.

Incredible dives at Punta Tosca

Punta Tosca, in Socorro islands, is a series of lava fingers that make for a very beautiful topography. As it turned out, we also had one of the best diving days today.

The dive started on the last finger of Punta Tosca and it was great from the start. Barely had we stepped into the water when a giant manta came in to greet us. As we continued the dive and slowly crept along the wall, a massive something appeared out of the blue. It turned out to be a huge, humpback whale swimming right along the side of the wall.

Wow, it was such an amazing dive. After some time, it disappeared into the ocean depths but all of us stayed back, hoping it would give us another pass. We waited patiently in the blue water outside the last finger and our wishes were soon fulfilled as we saw the humpback again and again. We got to see the humpback on 8 different passes and it was like a dream come true.

I have been diving in Soccorro islands for more than 5 years and never had such an amazing encounter with a humpback whale as I did on this day. The guests were so excited and said it was the best dive they have ever had. This is truly one of the best things to feel when you know that you have just been through a top dive that you will probably never encounter again in your life.

Socorro Island is such a magical place and our next day of diving at Punta Tosca was no less spectacular than what we had gone through the day before. We had close encounters with Mantas, hammerheads, dolphins, and singing whales during the dive!!! Incredible experience to hear the humpbacks singing. Good visibility, the water was not too cold and the current wasn´t bad. Good day of diving today. Tomorrow Roca Partida!

The Show Goes On at the Canyon

Diving at the Canyon was no less exciting than the dives we have been through on this trip. We have had our fill of marine life, more than what we could have ever hoped for. The water was clear and lots of silvertips were circling the cleaning station.

The icing on the cake was the 4 Pacific Giant Mantas that we saw. The first one was a Chevron Manta which was at the north and another 3 Mantas Chevron all along the site! Additionally, 3 to 4 hammerheads came from the east with the strong current. In the afternoon another beautiful Manta Chevron was with us until the safety stop, swimming around the divers.

Today was a nice day, and even with the rough weather we had from the beginning, under the water it was amazing. The marine life we were lucky to see, from six mantas to nine dolphins very close to us and around seventy hammerheads passing by was an experience that we feel blessed to have gone through.

Now you know why Socorro is a top destination and paradise for divers! See you soon!

By Nautilus Crew

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