Diving at the Canyon and El Boiler – Unforgettable Experiences to Cherish Forever

Diving in the Canyon and the Boiler is a dream come true for any adventure lover. Go a few feet below the water and you will be swamped by sea animals that you have only probably seen in wildlife documentaries. The Canyon and the Boiler have thrown many pleasant surprises at us on this trip, memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime.

However, experiences at each of these places will be detailed individually as it would be a shame to club them together considering the rich diversity of marine life that they alone boast of.

Amazing Dives with the Sharks at the Canyon

If being at a handshaking distance with sharks is your dream, make them come true at the Canyon. I was lucky to go diving at the Canyon with Divemaster Xavi and mate Oscar, and it was an amazing experience. So many hammerheads were swimming around us while others were cleaning themselves at the cleaning station.

We also saw a tiger shark and many silvertip sharks! I feel so lucky to be able to see so many beautiful creatures! It was truly a sight for the Gods and our heartiest thanks to the Nautilus crew who made this possible!

On the next day, we dove at El Canon on the first dive and El Boiler for the rest of the day. But let us check out our dives at the Canyon first and as all of us expected, it was sharks all the way.

Great visibility and strong current in the Canyon could mean only one thing – sharks! We were face to face soon with a whole lot of them, Galapagos, Silver tips, Hammerheads, and two Tiger sharks! One tiger shark was about two and a half meters long and the second one a massive female looked like it was a massive four meters in length. In fact, it was so big that at first sight l mistook it for a small whale shark. After that, to top it up, a couple of mantas and dolphins visited us too!

Dive 3 at the Canyon was no less wonderful as a juvenile male and a huge female chevron manta stayed with us the whole dive. They were so playful, they would come right at us and flip their belly at the last moment, hover over our heads, and swim so close to look at us in the eye. It was MAGICAL.

How do I sum up our dives at the Canyon? In one word, the dive day was amazing and the Canyon was on fire. So many sharks around the cleaning station, Whitetips, Silvertips, Galapagos, Hammerheads, and even an Oceanic Blacktip and a Dusky Shark.

Could we have asked for more from Nature?

Manta Action at El Boiler

The evening dives were at the Boiler and it was no less spectacular than what we had been through at the Canyon. We had some current from north to south.

On the lee side of the rock, there was a lot of Manta Action. They were super interactive today. They kept on swimming over our heads. The visibility was amazing over 80ft/24m. All guests came out of the water super excited talking about how good the dives were. That is the best reward for a DM.

Yes, I must say that for the divers, El Boiler was very generous too. There was a strong current and good visibility with lots of animals around. On the side where the current was kicking the reef, we saw a hammerhead and a Galapagos shark. On the protected side of the reef, it was the day of the Mantas, lots of them! We counted up to eight different mantas in one dive! The bonus for this dive was a big school of Bonitas fish that came close to the rock. It was truly a fascinating sight.

Excellent day of diving to finish this trip to the Revillagigedo Archipelago a day that we are unlikely to forget for a long time. Now we are heading back to Cabo.

By Nautilus Crew

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