Life of a Hostess Aboard the Nautilus Under Sea Hunter – First-Hand View

Life onboard the Nautilus Under Sea Hunter is fascinating, especially from the standpoint of a hostess who has mingled with the guests closely and has shared their excitement. Read on to know what she has to say.

Eight-day Trip to Exotic Diving Locations

We are coming back from an eight-day trip onboard the charming Nautilus Under Sea Hunter with very happy guests after visiting San Benedicto, Socorro, and Roca Partida volcanic islands.

The day-and-a-half journey to reach these locations is a great opportunity to get to know each other, get the dive equipment ready, and hear all the detailed briefings our dive masters give to the guests. They learn about the National Park, the marine life they will encounter in this special part of the Pacific Ocean, and our dive procedures to make it all safe and fun.

As a hostess, it is very satisfying to see the divers coming back to the boat delighted by the numerous hammerhead schools and a tiger shark found in San Benedicto, by the close encounter with the dolphins and mantas in Socorro, or even by the tiny colorful nudibranchs. “It took me more than 1500 dives to see a tiger shark, and I finally did it today at the Boiler,” said Bill, one of our guests, with a huge smile on his face.

Last day of getting wet the destination, San Benedicto diving El Boiler. We had good interaction with mantas, The visibility was not the best, but we were able to have fun with mantas, a couple of dolphins, some hammerheads, and a tiger shark.

This was a great trip to Revillagigedo, with lots of animal interactions and fun…

Life onboard the Nautilus with the Guests

Our days onboard are full of joy… sun rising by the ocean, having early morning dives and seeing the marine life just awakening, delicious meals prepared by our Chef Gerardo “Pura Vida”, getting mesmerized by the scenes of the islands, each of them so particular while having a drink in the hot tub, meeting new friends from all over the globe, and so much diving! All Nautilus crew is here to make your trip a pleasurable holiday, hope to see you aboard soon!!!

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