A Taste of Costa Rica Aboard the Nautilus

Costa Rica, an incredibly beautiful country never fails to charm visitors. This post is a first-hand experience of an ocean conservationist on a visit to Costa Rica aboard the Nautilus.

My Visit to Costa Rica on the Nautilus

When you land in Costa Rica you will fall in love with the green and nature. It is the right mix between green and blue and it is a place where you can just be thankful for having the opportunity to be there. Nautilus created an amazing experience that joined both, the green and the blue. Just the right mix for understanding the greatness of Central America. It gave me a little taste of what the country is about and left me wanting to stay just a longer and get to know more of it.

As an ocean conservationist, I found it impressive, the fact that they treat their black waters and have a system in place of not producing plastic waste. Whatever little is produced is recycled. Topics, like not chasing or not touching, are integrated into the briefings repeatedly.

The crew is a mix of nationalities and just makes your stay incredible, they are experienced crew, dive masters, and chefs. The tours are guided by Jorge who is in love with his country and nature, he just knows so much about Costa Rica (and even Nicaragua), its culture, fauna, and flora. The diving crew is very strict sometimes about certain matters but they also let you enjoy and explore the ocean if they think you are going to be safe. I found it incredible that they plan even the worst-case scenarios (in the case you get lost in the ocean), giving you a GPS that gives you trust and confidence.

Even though we were not extremely lucky to find bull sharks, we were lucky enough to find up to 16 sharks in a dive, and only because we were allowed to explore the island. We had fabulous encounters with eagle rays and were part of a group of mating puffer fishes.

We were lucky enough to be on one of the 8 beaches that have turtle “arribadas”, which is a beach where up to 6 thousand turtles nest in 3 weeks. Apart from that, we were looking at turtles mating on the surface which is an incredible, special, and unique experience to be part of.

In general, this trip is highly recommended to get a small taste of Costa Rica and to get to know the greatness of the Pacific Ocean around the coast of this Central American country.

By Nautilus Crew

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