Experience Aboard the Nautilus – What the Crew Has To Say

The crew onboard the Nautilus can always give a clear picture of the amazing adventure that guests enjoy diving off the Nautilus. Here is a few of their first-hand experience.

A Dive Master’s Perspective

There are two main reasons why I like night dives night – The behavior of the animals is different and the species that hide during the day show up at night. In the Sea of Cortez, there are several of those – the accordion sea cucumber with its feather tentacles and its ability to stretch its body, the zebra worm, and the creepy sea hares, a nocturnal species that emerge from under the rock when the sun goes down.

About the behavior, for example, certain animals like moray eels are nocturnal hunters. On our last night dive at Las Animas, we were lucky enough to witness two hunting episodes of two different green moray eels. It was 100 percent adrenaline! Both moray eels chose to eat creole fish for dinner. This type of fish usually during the day are swimming facing the current but at night, they rest in holes in the rock.

Morey eels take advantage of that to ambush the creole fish at night. Another interesting change that we also can witness at night dives is that creole fish change dramatically their aspect at night. During the day they are salmon with their distinctive five spots but at night, divers see them as olive, red, and brownish with the 5 spots on the dorsal area. Night dives at the Sea of Cortez are pure fantasy.

Chef’s Viewpoint from the Nautilus

I really like to see the guests after they come back from a dive and enjoy the different kinds of smoothies that I make…Steve and Eric have a great dive with the sea lions and nothing better than finishing the dive with a delicious strawberry smoothie. Happy people happy life!!

I love cooking for these lovely guests while I enjoy the view and the dolphins of the Sea of Cortez, sunrises are spectacular in this sea. I have been on many different boats in many different seas since I was 35, but the Sea of Cortez is like my home. It makes me feel happy and satisfied when I feed the crew and the guests and their happy faces after enjoying the adventures. To me, it is like feeding my family at my home.

By Nautilus Crew

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