Amazing Sea Life in the California Gulf – A Preview by A Dive Master

At this moment we have been covering more than 180NM back south, the California Gulf, nonstop from San Pedro Martyr Island. It is crazy, all the distance you can cover and not realize it, just stopping in the most epic islands and diving where only a few have been, remote islands inside the gulf where only a few local fishermen have been, and us.

The Gulf is so special that all you need is to be in the hot area and wait for the extensive biodiversity to pass by. Of course, being on the right boat is crucial as well and that is us aboard the Nautilus.

All our guests are different and they are all looking for and expecting different things. And why should we be so far? Because this remote area has been untouched by furtive poaching and in just one dive at one of the exposed corners of the San Pedro Martyr island, you can find a variety of sea life. We have seen over 6 turtles laying on algae just resting and dozens and dozens of curious wild sea lions. With 25m viz, you can appreciate literally fields of bright yellow polyp black coral that look like neon yellow bonsai thunders emerging from the deep.

The Elusive Sea Horse

But even more special is the giant sea horse that can change a person’s feelings in an instant! Such a crazy creature, it can create so much chaos in a tranquil dive, just to have an opportunity to see him for a few minutes. Almost the size of my palm, such creatures are so small that it almost looks like a fake toy. This is due to the amount of minerals in the 2nd saltiest sea in the world.

This creature happily lives here camouflaged among red algae almost as if he was just waiting for us. This little guy found all of us in this one last dive, on this remote island, in this remote corner, in this hot desert where only Nautilus can take you safely.

By Nautilus Crew

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