Blue Whale vs Orca: Biggest Predation Event on Earth – on video –

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blue whale vs orca

Blue Whale vs. Orca: The Ultimate Battle of Predators in the Ocean.

Orcas.  Killer whales.  Orcinus Orca.  Do we love them or hate them?    

The largest  predation event on earth was  filmed in the Sea of Cortez several weeks ago when a pod of 20 orcas took down a blue whale.  

The footage is stunning.   It’s a helpless feeling watching the giant blue whale high speed swimming for its life.   The orcas were successful in the hunt and yes, we know that’s mother ocean at work and the natural way of things.   But how can one not feel sorry for the poor big giant blue whale.

Orcas are awesome to watch.  Whale watchers get excited and even emotional the first time they see an orca.  

We have certainly had many amazing encounters with orcas during mobula season in the Sea of Cortez when the killer whales have happened by and chosen to hang out with us.  Perhaps our most amusing incident was last year when our 32 ft high speed RHIB was off an adventure with guests and a pod of orcas appeared and circled immediately underneath the mothership, our Nautilius Gallant Lady.  

The crew were super excited and took turns jumping in the water with orcas swimming up to check them out. It doesn’t get more special… Although our guests were not super happy about missing out!

Are orcas dangerous? Are they really killer whales ? Heck yes to put it mildly.  

There have been  no known orca attacks on humans. But in our time in the Sea of Cortez we have observed orcas flipping mobula rays and round and killing them, chasing dolphins and killing them, same with porpoises.  

We watched orcas take down first one whale shark and then a second one shortly afterwards.  We  have even watched killer whales take down a minke whale. Mother ocean can make us very sad.

But we did not think that orcas could take down an adult baleen whale, especially a blue whale. While the blue whales we see are a subspecies that only grows to 90 feet compared to 110 foot giants that are resident in Antarctica, they are still  giant and mighty whales. The largest on earth.   Incredibly inspiring AND GIANT when one sees one for the first time. One flick of their tail fluke would surely be enough to fatally injure the much smaller orcas which are usually not much bigger than 20 feet.

The first known predation event took place in Australia in 2019 with a small adult blue whale possibly 70 feet long.    The next attack was also in Australia on a smaller 40 foot blue believed to be a large juvenile.    It’s hard to say exactly from this video but this looks like a full grown 90 foot blue whale. It’s moving very fast which is something we have never seen before.  Beautiful.  But also gruesome because of the end result.  

This is the first known predation event with orcas and a blue whale in the Sea of Cortez!

Video Credit to @adamernsternwildlife

Stay safe!
Captain Mike

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