Sea of Cortez Whale Watching: Orcas

sea of cortez orcas

Discover the Thrill: Sea of Cortez Whale Watching & Orcas Await

The Sea of Cortez is an amazing place for Whale Watching.  

Different seasons, different seas with January to July being peak season for whale encounters of all sorts including the largest whales in the oceans, blue whale mommas and their calves,  giant fin back whales, humpback mommas and calves, bryde whales, enormous pods of playful dolphins and more.   

Our Cessna 182 spotter airplane and crew are on patrol 4 or 5 days a week and these “eyes in the sky” give us an enormous advantage in finding the pods of resident sperm whales and transient visiting pods of orcas.

Orcas. Or actually, giant dolphins to be more accurate.    

We have probably had a thousand or more encounters with orcas over the years from the chilly waters of Alaska to seeing super pods of hundreds of killer whales of Vancouver island to both resident and transient orcas in the inside waters of British Columbia.   

But it’s only in the Sea of Cortez that the incredibly impressive orcas choose to interact with us.   

The scientists tell us that these are likely orcas that roam the waters from Costa Rica to California but personally, knowing how friendly we all are in Mexico, we are certain that these are Mexican Orcas.   

See below for what our guests experienced yesterday:

I didn’t realize that being on a RHiB in the middle of a spontaneous orca-dolphin hunt was on my bucket list until it happened, nearly within arms length.  Breathtaking, like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced before. 

Lisa Farling North Carolina

Today started off well enough with an early Blue Whale sighting and a pod of Common Dolphins…then nothing for a bit until we spotted a killer whale from the flying bridge.

Little did we know we were about to spend the next 3 1/2 hours as close as you could possibly hope to come to a pod of 7 Orcas, including one calf.

Over that time we were rarely out of sight of the pod and numerous times they swam immediately alongside and under the Rhib!

I had a GoPro along and I was able to get amazing footage from just sticking the camera in the water from the side of the boat.

In my wildest dreams I could ever have hoped to be this close to a Killer Whale and have an experience like this!

-Brett Hopkins

Wow. Another great experience. On the way south towards La Paz we came by a pod of seven orcas spread out in the area of calm water. Quickly we got into the RHIB boat and sailed closer to the orcas. Then the orcas started to hunt a dolphin which resulted in a lot of activity at the surface. The dolphin tried to escape under the RHIB boat, which led the orcas to get close to the boat, under the boat and circling the boat several times.

I’ve seen orcas many times in British Columbia, Iceland, Spain, Norway and California, but this encounter today was the best I’ve ever experienced. It was fantastic! Incredible!

Thanks to the staff for getting the RHIB boat ready in no time and for sailing responsible around the orcas.

They gave me once again the experience of a lifetime.

-Morten Asgaard From Denmark

Start your own adventure in the Sea of Cortez and enjoy a Whale Watching like no other!

Dive into the depths of excitement, where encounters with the incredible marine life await, leaving you wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner. 

Witness orcas and other magnificent creatures up close. Now is the time to seize the moment for an unforgettable experience!

Captain Mike Lever, CEO Nautilus Liveaboards

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