Unidentified Male Shark?

A good morning ended around 10 am when the sharks disappeared for a few hours. When we got in the lower cages at 12:50 the action was starting to get better, and we had an awesome 30 minutes with 4 sharks making the rounds down deep. We were constantly on our toes spinning around to find where they were coming from next. The a few of the sharks stayed around most of the day, including Sad Face, and a male we have not yet ID’d, though it has two identifiable scars on its back currently. Afternoon action on the surface cages was a bit bouncy, but many people stuck it out getting some good viewing of Sad Face and the other male.
– Rob Bortolin

Today was an amazing day!!! We saw at least 6 different sharks including one huge female and managed to catch multiple sharks in the same photo circling from opposite directions. Both submersible cages had a ton of activity in the morning which seemed to switch to the surface cages in the afternoon. The perfect compromise was switching the submersible cages to about 15 feet in the afternoon so that all cages had an incredible view from different angles.
The crew is fabulous and incredibly helpful and available. The guides are so great at helping with shark identification and discussing the science and importance of the tracking work. Natalia and Favy are always checking with the us during the day to ask if we need food or beverages if we miss the meal times.
Julio has made some of the best vegetarian meals that I have every enjoyed and is happy to work around everyone’s dietary needs.
-Monica Clare

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