Stopping by the Iconic Diving Points of Southern Baja

What an amazing trip we have  just finished aboard the Nautilus Explorer in the Sea of Cortez! Sunny days, calm seas, warm water, good visibility and lots of marine life encounters!. We made an itinerary stopping by the iconic diving points of southern Baja and some more unexplored areas like Punta Perico and San Francisquito. We went was to Las Animas where we had encounters not only with sea lions but also hammerhead sharks. At El Bajo we also saw schoolings of hammerhead sharks and silky sharks. At La Reina, Cerralvo Island, we even had a visit from a juvenile female whale shark. It is so nice to see how sharks are coming back to the reefs of the Gulf of California.

  • Divemaster Celina onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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