Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady- 2022-10-13

Location: La Reina

Weather: Clear Skies, W Wind (10kts), WNW Swell (2-3ft)

We had one more dive with Baja Ex yesterday afternoon at the Feng Ming. The visibility was less than these guests have been used to, around 40 feet or so. But all the divers enjoyed the dive and came out wanting more. We ran down to San Rafaelito and made a sunset dive that 7 of the 12 took. The highlight there was a seahorse that Juan David found hiding in some corals. The divers all loved it and I really loved the sunset from the skiff!

We had to abandon our anchorage around 0100 due to increasing west winds, but the mate was able to keep us comfortable and set us up for a sunrise arrival to La Reina. The conditions here are really good, and the in-water conditions are great. Very little current, wonderful visibility, and loads of fish. After the first dive, the group came back very excited for the second. The second dive was even better, with a manta swimming by both groups right at the very beginning. from there the dive continued to be great. Juan David found a small frogfish, and three turtles were seen as well. The sight turned into a bit of a zoo this morning with divers from La Paz. Probably 60 total divers on dive two, but our groups were able to avoid the crowds. We think some of the local operators will move on for the afternoon.

We are planning at least one more dive here, possibly two, before we need to turn and burn back to Cabo.

Water temperature: 85°F

Visibility: 40-100ft

  • Captain Gordon

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