Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-28

NGL 24.29.837N 110.30.518W

clear sky, wind SSW 5-6kn, swell SSW 1-2. air temp 31C water temp 21C, visibility 5-6meters

Hello everybody

NGL is exploring the Bay of la Paz, in search of the orcas. This morning we started early but the weather was rough for search: South wind 10-12 knots with built up swell 3-4 ft made it very hard. We reached Espiritu Santo la Partida Bay and got the guests on the RHIB as the wind was dying down. They have been able to see a pod of 50 common dolphins jumping around the RHIB, 4 fin whales very close that were swimming together and they are now following a family of humpback whales, with the mum, the baby, and the escort.

Yesterday afternoon we followed the orcas until 1700. They ate 2 whale sharks in front of us! The guests saw underwater as the whale shark was driven up to the surface by the orcas, then the big male took a bite at the flank of the whale shark. It was incredible! That poor whale shark was left to die, sinking slowly down, and the orcas moved on to attack a second whale shark. It was truly amazing to see them work together, with the big male flapping its huge fluke at the surface, while the 5 others were diving down. We had an amazing time. At some point, the guests went in the water, and the alpha male stood still in front of them, observing them quietly. He then swam below guest Roxanna and gently bumped her fin with its tail. She will never forget that moment.

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