Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-10-18

NGL is anchored at Bahia Salinas in Isla Del Carmen, heaving up anchor to go to east Isle Danzante

Clear blue sky, air temp 32C, light breeze from the south, no current, water visibility 20mts.

This morning we arrived at BahiaSalinas for our first dive at 0800. The conditions were perfect with no wind, glassy water, and hot Mexican sun. we jumped on Kureka reef, a shallow rocky barrier that extend a couple hundred yards from the shore. The reef is home to lobster, damsel fish, sergent major, parrotfish.

The second dive we jumped on the Diaz Ortis, a shipwreck that sunk by fire just in front of the old town of the salt ponds. The wreck is amazing with very good visibility and millions of grunts, Mexican burros, snappers, moray eels, sergent major.

Lots of easy swim throughs in the deck, the wrecks are laying on the side and very well preserved. The marine life is plentiful, the quantity of fish unbelievable for our guests. They were very happy, even our snorkeling only guests could enjoy it plenty as the bottom is about 30ft and the top is at the surface. We are now underway to Danzante for 1 afternoon dive and 1 night dive.
Yesterday afternoon we did 1 more afternoon dive at San Pedro Martyr, by El Arroyo. Guests were able to drift slowly along the forest of black coral and found a seahorse, plenty of sealions to play with, and loads of reef fish with a visibility of about 10 meters. After the dive, we heaved up anchor and made our way to Carmen Island
All guests are complimenting the crew and how well they work together. Mike and Diana from Eugene’s skin diving in Oregon, the trip leaders, send their regards to Mike.

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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