The Belle Amie: The most beautiful boat

Started working as hostess with Nautilus in the Belle Amie in November 20203 for Socorro Season and has been a wonderful so far! Since the beginning I’ve been amazed of the beauty Revillagigedo and the awesome experience the company gives for the guests and crew as well, is a blessing being able to be in such remote place of earth with so much beauty all around. Now talking of beauties, the Belle Amie. I feel so happy to be working in such nice boat. Super nice crew always and our guests have been the best! It has been a motivation to see the joy of everyone in every trip we take and makes me want and give every time, the very best of me to make a difference for their experience.
Feeling so grateful for this job opportunity and everything I’ve learnt and for the new world of Diving I have discovered.

Ineffable so far.


By Nautilus Crew

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