Update on corona virus COVID19 precautions.

There is nowhere we would rather be right now than out at sea with a small group of people and clean, fresh air and diving with our beautiful giant mantas, dolphins and sharks.    We are especially excited about some spectacular encounters with humpback whales over the last week.  Job #1 is to keep our guests safe and that includes evolving tighter COVID19 protocols.   You can expect the following when diving with Nautilus ;

1- Crew are medically screened between each trip by a medical professional.   If there is any doubt about a crew member’s health, we will arrange for a substitute.    Captains are also taking all the crews temperatures every morning and will isolate any crew member with a temp greater than 100.4F

2- We have arranged for medical screening of all guests before boarding their ship.   We will arrange for a makeup trip and hotel accommodation for any guest presenting as a potential COVID19 patient.

3- Our ships are being deep cleaned with operating room disinfectant between each trip.   Crew and our cleaning staff are receiving training and being issued certificates from the medical company supplying the disinfectant. We are continuing to disinfect the public areas of each ship twice a day while at sea.

4- Medical masks are onboard and freely available to anybody who wants one.

5- We are replacing our bottles of hand sanitizer with medical grade hand sanitizer stations installed strategically around each boat.

6- We have contracted for epidemiology testing and certificates for food processing areas, hand rails, tables and public areas when the ships are in port.

7- Crew are receiving suspected case protocol onboard training and certificates.   Our ships are all being equipped with 3 standby kits for suspected cases in case of a suspected case and the need to quarantine someone.

Dive safe

Stay healthy

Hope to see you soon

Captain Mike and your team at the Nautilus

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I am looking forward to traveling on the Belle Amie in October/November. We had such an awesome time with the Atlantic Shark Conservancy people last year that we’re going back for round two. In light of the recent COVID-19 spread, I do have some concern regarding the regulators. They were being submerged in Listerine between uses last year. I am curious to know if this is how you are continuing to sanitize them or if you are using a different disinfectant (chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse, etc.). I realize it is an enveloped virus thus easy to kill, but Listerine will not prevent infection should someone have it. The crew was amazing at keeping the ship clean and orderly and I realize this is being intensified, but the regulators remain a concern in my mind. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thanks Rebecca we really appreciate all your thoughtfulness and concern about sanitation in the context of COVID19. Our sanitation and Hygiene processes have changed considerably since your last trip. We now have a medical director on retainer and have adopted much more stringent practices including the stocking and crew being trained in the use of operating room sanitizer.

Captain Mike, I just disembarked the Belle Amie this morning in Cabo and can attest that I actually witnessed first hand all the items you mentioned above during our 11 day trip. I’ll write separately to you about my amazing trip to Socorro but thought a quick public reply here might help people who are concerned about whether your preventive measures were actually being done.

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