COVID-19 Update

Most of us are wondering the same thing.  What does the future look like?   How are we going to get through the virus?  When do we get to start diving again?

At Nautilus we have developed a formalized COVID-19 operational policy with a training program for staff and crew that is incorporated into our Safety Management System and our operational checklists. 

  • Social distancing including adding additional dive skiffs, staggered meal times and briefings…
  • Vital oxide hospital grade disinfectant with 7 day hold time applied with fogging machines.
  • An intense focus on onboard sanitation from supplying sanitized rental gear in vacuum packs to individual second stages for our shark divers to crew assisted buffet service. Mask rinse buckets are unfortunately a thing of the past!
  • Masks for everyone and daily temperature checks.
  • We will  have protocols and equipment  in place IF someone does get sick onboard.

We are cautiously optimistic that we can restart operations on June 22nd  although that might change.  The situation with the virus is clearly changing and evolving.

Take care and we wish everyone good health and to stay safe.

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