COVID-19 Update June 23rd

Our beautiful Belle Amie is fresh from the shipyard and ready to board guests in Cabo San Lucas tonight (July 8th). The ship is so shiny after massive refit, overhaul and refurbishment that we are warning guests to wear sunglasses to avoid being dazzled by the paint sparkling in the sunshine. The refit was much deeper than just painting every part of the ship from the lowest reaches of the bilge to the top of the mast; engines have been overhauled, machinery taken apart and inspected, the interior was renovated and most importantly, safety and fire systems have all been renewed and rectified. Our crew have completed extensive training in COVID19 processes and protocols. Our crew are so proud of the Belle that they were cleaning the hull of the ship with damp cloths last night!   

At Nautilus we have developed a formalized COVID19 operational policy with a training program for staff and crew that is incorporated into our Safety Management Systems and our operational checklists. We have freely shared our protocols with our competition and are gratified that many of them have adopted our processes.

We are asking our guests to kindly record their temperature twice a day for the week before boarding and to please be obsessive about washing their hands. We consulted with an expert at the Centre for Disease Control who explained to us that these 2 precautions are far and away the most important thing guests and crew can do to help keep everyone safe. We will of course have an intense focus on sanitation shoreside and onboard  from working with limited loads of 6 guests in large vans on airport pickups to onboard processes, electrostatic spray application of hospital grade disinfectant to innovative ideas on social distancing onboard and much more.

All guests need to please wear masks onboard when social distancing is not possible other than during diving operations.

PLEASE NOTE :  We will be providing a complementary health check for each guest by a medical professional prior to boarding. Any guest or crew member at boarding who is displaying a high temperature or low oxygen blood saturation will be referred for a more complete workup to determine if it’s safe for them to join the ship.  If it’s determined that it’s not safe for them to board, we will provide a 100% credit makeup trip.

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