COVID-19 Update – August 28th

Updated August 28th, 2020

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The national parks in the south half of Baja California, Mexico are open. We are currently operating liveaboard trips in the Sea of Cortez and have October trips on offer for peak season Magdalena Bay sardine run. We anticipate starting our Socorro giant manta season at the beginning of November. We are optimistic that Guadalupe park will open shortly allowing us to restart great white shark trips.

Our approach has been collaborative with the government including parks, port captain and the Mexican navy. We have heavily invested in crew training, equipment and measures to keep everyone onboard as safe as possible which includes the development of a 60 page virus protocol document that we have trained on and shared with government officials along with our ideas on processes and procedures. That type of thinking and understanding of our commitment to everyone’s safety is what led to the decision of the local port captain to issue our departure clearances.

We remain optimistic but equally cautious and careful.

Take care

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