COVID-19 Testing Now Available Onboard Nautilus

Updated March 2nd, 2021

Guests flying back to the US from Mexico are now required to have a negative test for COVID-19. To ensure this doesn’t impact your trip, we are working with the local hospital to provide testing on the boat prior to disembarking. We will cover the costs of this test, and results will be available within two hours, ensuring no delays in you getting home. You can find more information about the testing process below.

If you require a PCR test instead of the antigen test, we will cover the cost up to the amount of the antigen test and are happy to book everything for you. Your safety comes paramount and we have strict COVID-19 precautions in place to ensure you can travel safely, and happily.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

COVID-19 Testing Process

We provide complimentary but required antigen testing before boarding any overnight trip. For liveaboard dive boat guests, please be at SeeCreatures in the Tesoro Hotel by 4 p.m. on boarding day. For San Ignacio glamping guests, please meet at SeeCreatures at 4 pm, the afternoon before your charter flight to the Lagoon. A medical technician will carry out the testing. It can be quite busy between testing and maintaining social distancing. Please don’t be late! And please don’t worry if your airline flight is delayed or it’s a late arrival… Call or what’s app us and we will help arrange for you to go to the hospital for testing on the way in from the airport.


Mexico is open.  Flights into Cabo San Lucas are open. Socorro Island, the Sea of Cortez and San Ignacio Lagoon are open.  We are open and operating with extreme caution during the virus crisis.

Our approach has been collaborative with  government including parks, port captain and the Mexican navy. We have heavily invested in crew training, equipment and measures to keep everyone onboard as safe as possible which includes the development of a 60 page virus protocol document that we have trained on and shared with government officials along with our ideas on processes and procedures. That type of thinking and understanding of our commitment to everyone’s safety is what led to the decision of the local port captain to issue our departure clearances.    

Our guests can expect that life onboard is different than it was before on many levels.   But we still want to have fun and go diving!!  Our top priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please call or email for more detailed information.

Take care

Image credit: Scott Davis

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