Once in a Lifetime

Dear Gallant Lady Crew,

First I must say I have no words about our really spectacular, yes once in a lifetime, trip. We dived around the world with Waterworld.at, but what we have seen only in 4 days we never could imagine and must realize in the next days.

The Crew is as always fantastic, the personallity, the individualism, the flexibility, they work 24/7 for the guests. Most important is, that the divemaster know the sea excellent, they spot everything and they know exactly where and how they let the guests in the water to see all the fantastic animals.

If we want to stay on the RHIB, because we found Orcas, Bluewal, Finwale, Mobulas no problem, we can stay the whole day and of course the service don’t stop, wet get the meals, drinks and fruits on the RHIB.

Important to know is to be open minded, no fix time schedule and follow all the spotted things what the ocean offered to you.

Thanks again to had the chance to meet the Gallant Lady and the Sea of Cortez.

Surely we’ll come back asap. to see more.

Lovely greetings
Martin & Petra from Vienna

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