Nautilus Belle Amie

Nautilus Belle Amie

Come aboard

Nautilus Belle Amie

We launched the Belle Amie in 2015 and she is a beauty. Modern. Super spacious. Designed specifically for Socorro. Featuring suites in which you feel that you are staying in a hotel.

Belle Amie Features


  • Launched in 2015
  • Features a huge full length sun deck
  • Stabilized
  • ISM Safety certified

  • 12 crew
  • 17 ensuite staterooms and suites
  • Internet access and satellite phone
  • High capacity water makers

  • Freshwater hot tub
  • Air fills, nitrox, rebreather friendly.
  • Fully-stocked extensive bar (single malts, micro brews, a great selection of wine)

Lower Deck

8 staterooms plus one affordable triple occupancy stateroom on the lower deck.

  • Belle Amie Stateroom A
  • Belle Amie Triple Stateroom

Main Deck

Huge water-level platform, very large dive deck, dining room, bar and main salon & 2 premium suites.

  • Belle Amie Salon
  • Belle Amie Main Deck Bar
  • Nautilus Belle Amie Emerald Suite
  • Belle Amie Cortes Suite
  • Nautilus Belle Amie Huge Dive Deck

Wheelhouse Deck

The 6 superior suites are located on the wheelhouse deck.

  • Belle Amie Rosario Suite
  • Belle Amie Swell Suite

Sun Deck

Plenty of seating for everyone on the sun deck.

  • Enjoy Nautilus Belle Amie large sundeck

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