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July – November: Peak Diving


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Destination Overview

Your Summer Get-Away Begins Here
Dive the World’s Aquarium

The Sea of Cortez is a diver’s paradise. With it’s unique ecosystem and the overall natural beauty, have earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. We have been diving here for almost 5 decades and every time it has been exciting! Come see firsthand why this sea is called the “Aquarium of the World” and all of it’s natural wonders.

Meet the playful sea lions, surround yourself in a tornado of big eye jacks and schools of skipjacks. Lets not forget the huge pods of dolphins, turtles, mobulas, the hammerhead sharks around El Bajo & Los Animas, whales of all types of descriptions, shipwrecks and night diving. And if you’re lucky, giant mantas swimming around La Reina and orcas.

What an incredible adventure about the Gallant Lady! Each day brought us something new to see and experience. Days 1-4 included thousands of mobulas, hundreds of dolphins, multiple fin whales, a huge (possibly pregnant) whale shark, a humpback whale, a brydes whale, sea lions, turtles, and more! Day 5 the trip hit max velocity with the spotting of a pod of ORCAS! Minutes later we splashed on the curious pod and had the snorkel of a lifetime! The orcas milled about as we squealed in the water. Two babies and multiple adult orcas in the pod provided us with memories we will never forget!

Juan David, June 10th 2022

The Sea of Cortez Vibrant with Life

The Sea of Cortez is loaded with life from huge pods of inquisitive dolphins, sharks, giant whale sharks, friendly sea lions, mobula rays, cow nose rays, swirling tornadoes of fish and sometimes even Manta Rays. Whales of all descriptions visit over the winter and into spring. Huge squadrons of mobula rays numbering upwards of 100,000 aggregate every spring, orcas have been frequent visitors over the last several years. Also, hammerhead sharks migrate into the sea in May and stay until early winter.  

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Easy Non-Stop Flights to Cabo San Lucas

We are closer than you think. Over 30 major airports around the world have direct non-stop flights to Cabo San Lucas (SJD). With seamless La Paz transfers included on all multi-day adventures. It’s never been so easy to get to the Sea of Cortez and Baja!

For the month of July, if Guadalupe is delayed opening, all of our ships will be on Cabo departures.

Nautilus Scout

Nautilus Scout – Spotter Airplane

We are keeping the Nautilus Scout on patrol in the Sea cortez twice a day, 6 days a week to scout out the very best and most interesting big animals. Blue whales, giant pregnant whale sharks, orcas and huge schools of mobula rays being our speciality.

Sea of Cortez Peak Season

Scuba Diving

Imagine beautiful warm water and calm seas teaming with life. Loads of California sea lions playing with you. Whale sharks. A tornado of big eye jacks swirling around you. Schools of skipjacks, mobulas, cow nose rays and turtles. Hammerhead and other sharks. Fish big and small all the way down to delightful seahorses. Night diving on shipwrecks. And even giant mantas if we are lucky. Beach walks. Water temp rising to high 80’s by September and visibility as gin clear as your bathtub. This is Sea of Cortez in peak diving season from mid-July to end of November.

Ask about our super pangas, 48-ft high speed day boats, 45-ft luxury sailing catamaran, 55-ft pocket liveaboard, base camp Espiritu Santo, multi-day shore based and 116-ft expedition yacht.

Dive your own way!

Dive Your Own Way

We cater to the entire spectrum of diving experience and fitness. Our super experienced divemasters are there for those who are new to diving. Experienced divers are welcome to explore most of our dive sites at their own pace with or without a divemaster. We are there to guide and critter point for whoever wants it. Note that in national parks, divers are required to stay with our divemasters.

Not a diver?

Not a diver?

Take a complimentary discover scuba season with us or actually get certified onboard!

We cater to both brand new kayakers who aren’t sure they can actually do this to super experienced paddlers who want the ultimate in luxury mothership. Paddle boarding. Go for a beach walk. Or hike into the desert with one of our naturalists. Snorkelling with friendly sea lions and mobula rays.

Special Offers

Sea of Cortez Special Offers • July – August 2022*

Cabo Pulmo – $50 add-on

bull shark diving

Add-on an extra day diving or snorkelling Cabo Pulmo.
Regular value: $225

*Specials available on all multi-day adventures

Ocean front 4* all inclusive in San Jose del cabo for $50 pp/nt.

  • $50 pp. / night ocean front all inclusive 4* hotel in Los Cabos add-on multi-day adventures.

*Specials available on all multi-day adventures

Operated For Safety

Operated For Safety

Safety is a very serious business. Mother Ocean can be capricious and unforgiving. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and you should expect and demand no less. In our view, every dive boat should be operated within a certified ISM safety management system, outfitted with sprinklers, emergency smoke hoods for everybody and the same safety, fire, life saving equipment and radios as the largest cruise ships. Captains, mates and engineers should have professional commercial mariner qualifications and all crew should have STCW professional mariner certification. Safety is not something to publish in a brochure. It’s part of our DNA. A cornerstone of our culture. Something that we have been living by for every day of the last 30 years.

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Blue whales, mobulas, humpack whale, dolphins, and more in the Sea of Cortez

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