Baja California, Mexico

We are looking for a few very good  guys who are comfortable getting their hands dirty and want everything to be ship shape and running properly.  You are a tinkerer by nature.  We really don’t care if you have a certificate or not, we can help you with that if needed.  We are not looking for “Control Room type Engineers” with a 4-year college degree and no real hands-on experience.  If you want to have an engine room that is gleaming and all your machinery in perfect working order, we might have a good home for you.We have 4 larger ships with a mix of Cummins and Caterpillar machinery.  The smallest ship is 105 feet.  There is also a 116 foot yacht, 132 foot passenger boat and 147 foot ship.   We are also operating smaller day boats in Cabo San Lucas and we have a planned continued fleet expansion.

We are very focussed on getting the job done, keeping the boats running, being very pro-active in maintenance and engineering.  We dislike being reactive.  With the continued expansion of our company, we are searching for the candidates with a good fit, as a Marine Engineer.

Because our ships are fairly small, you need to be a good ship mate and ready to jump in to help with whatever needs doing.  Diving intrigues you and it’s even better if you’re a diver.  To be a good fit for this position you need to be very organized, comfortable on a computer, have good communication and interpersonal skills, and have a complete buy in on our unwavering focus on integrity and always doing our best.

If you think you are a good fit for this position, we encourage you to send in your resume.