Sea of Cortez: Tornado fish dive

Discover the Sea of Cortez on a 5 or 7-Night Liveaboard Diving Adventure

Why join Nautilus on a 5 or 7-Night
Sea of Cortez trip?

  • The scenery is beautiful. The seas are mostly calm with almost no movement onboard. And the water is very warm with terrific visibility.
  • You will soon experience first hand why Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez the “Aquarium of the World” for the variety and amount of marine life.
  • You won’t get bored with playful California sea lions, mega pods of dolphins, different species of rays, turtles, hammerhead sharks and huge schools of fish swarming around divers and snorkelers.
  • Enjoy lots of opportunities for beach walks, desert hikes, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming and more…

Sea of Cortez Tours: Diving with Tornado fish

Your Summer Get-Away Begins Here
Dive the World’s Aquarium

Named by Jacques Cousteau as the “Aquarium of the World”, the Sea of Cortez has rebounded with life, offering a diving experience best described as “different season, different sea”.   The scenery is beautiful with white sand beaches, cobalt blue water during the summer and fall and the steep sided magnificent mountains in places.   Our 5 and 7 night adventures embark in La Paz and range as far north as Loreto National Park including our old favourites like La Reyna, Espiritu Santo and Las Animas. We have been diving this area for more than 45 years and during that time have found more than a couple of secret and special dive sites. Of special note are the generally calm seas during this season. It’s possible to spend a week on one of our large liveaboard yachts and experience virtually no motion

With mega pods of dolphins are seen year-round, super friendly California  sea lions greeting divers, and tornados of schooling fish surrounding divers, our spotter airplane will be up looking for big animals including orcas, sperm and finback whales, pilot whales and rays. The summer and fall season provides the warmest water and best visibility of the year and also the perfect opportunity to enjoy cocktails and appetizers ashore on a sandy beach watching the sunset. 

Join us for a 5 or 7-night diving holiday in the Sea of Cortez and discover the beauty of Baja. Book your liveaboard diving trip today!

See what our guests have said about the Sea of Cortez!

Testimonial diving sea of Cortez

July 2023

“Right off the back we jumped down and there were Hammerheads everywhere our instructor showed us exactly where they were, took us down to them..

Sea Of Cortez Hammerheads sharks testimonial

July 2023

“Onboard the Belle Amie and we saw like 30 hammerheads sharks. It made my day, my first hammerheard ever and then it was a school of them!”

Testimonial Sea of Cortez trip

August 2023

“Being on a Nautilus Liveaboard is trully a luxury experience in a sense you don’t have to do anything… It is literally a white glove service!”

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Excellence in guest experience is all about you. Our focus is to ensure that you as our guest are safe and able to enjoy your vacation to the highest level.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How much experience do I need?
Your experience doesn’t matter. If you’re not certified, we can arrange a discover scuba experience. If you’re an experienced and self-reliant diver, you’re welcome to head off on days by yourself, and do your own thing if you wish, with the sole exception of diving in a national park where diving must be done with a guide. Our dive guides are always available for whoever wants to dive with us.

Are the boats camera friendly?
Of course! We are one of three authorized Backscatter photo centres in the world. We offer a complementary photo workshop at 1 pm. before every departure for those meeting us in Cabo.

Are you nitrox and rebreather friendly?
Yes! We started offering nitrox in 1996 when it was know as the devil gas. And we did our first rebreather diving in 2000. We have been super nitrox and rebreather friendly ever since.


What airport do I fly into?
SJD Los Cabos international has very convenient and nonstop connections to many different cities. Flying into LAP la Paz is also possible.

When should I fly in?
These trips are planned around the guests having the option of flying in and going straight to SeeCreatures to check in and then board the ship later that day. We recommend flying in several days early to take full advantage of our hospitality and all the neat stuff that we offer as pre-trip extensions.

What do I need to pack?
Personal toiletries. Dive gear (or travel light and use our rental gear). Summer wear, noting that nights will be cooler. It can be very hot in the desert this time of year. Sunscreen (reef-safe sunscreen will be available on board with our compliments), towels, bed linen, soap, and shampoo are provided on board.

What wetsuit should I bring?
It depends on the season. Water temperatures are in the mid-80°F range, with 100+ ft visibility. At the end of November, temperatures start cooling and visibility goes down. We recommend a 5mm wetsuit and a hooded vest is always a smart addition to your dive kit.