Help us Shout-out-for-the-Sharks

Imagine having your arms and legs cut off and being left to die in terrible pain. 47 meters down, there is a shark robbed of its fins. Immobilized, trapped, abandoned, and dying. Killed for nothing but shark-fin-soup or bogus supplements. The real life horror story is happening right now, right this second. Hollywood portrays sharks as psychotic killers, when in reality we are the real hunters, the real torturers.

YOU can help. Take action.


We are offering $1800 gift certificates to travel to Eilat, Israel with us on October 18, 2017 to join “Silence of the Sharks”, the largest dive ever with over 500 divers. Our goal is to shout-out-for-the-sharks. Sharks can’t cry for help. But we can shout-out-for-them. The more noise, the better. The more media coverage, the better. The more people involved, the better. And if we set a Guinness world record, so much the better.

Event details: Silence of the Sharks

For more information or to sign up:

Kids & Teens!

Win a free trip to Israel to join “Silence of the sharks” on Oct. 18!

Sharks can’t cry for help but you can shout-out-for-them by making a poster that helps make the point. Submit your best poster and the winner (and a parent) will win airfare to Israel and hotel paid for by Nautilus Liveaboards.

Open to kids and teens up to 18 years old.

The more posters the better! Give it a try!! You have nothing to lose! We will take as many posters as possible with us to the Silence of the Sharks dive to hold up underwater for maximum media attention.

Please have a parent/guardian send submissions to:

Include “Shark Poster Submission” in the subject line, the artist’s name, and don’t forget to attach a copy of the artwork!

Closing date for submissions: July 31, 2017. Open to contestants 18 years and younger. One entry per person. Final judging at the discretion of Nautilus Liveaboards. No cash value. Other terms and conditions apply.