Dec 21, 2018

6 days on the Nautilus Gallant Lady

"Soft openings" on offer for our Pulmo bull sharks and southern Sea of Cortes December 2018 inaugural trips.

These trips are discounted from US$2495 down to $1495 just in case things don't go perfectly. We do NOT expect any problems!! Inaugural trips are FUN! It's a one time only opportunity to be on the first trips of a new boat. We hope you will join us. These trips feature the best diving in the Cabo Pulmo park and UNESCO world heritage site combined with the best of the southern Sea of Cortes including La Reyna, Los Islotes and Espirito Santo.

Trip Boards at 10:00 am on Dec 21, 2018 and Disembarks at 8:30 am on Dec 26, 2018

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Unavailable Triple Stateroom (Co-ed) Single/Double Stateroom Superior Suite Premium Suite

This trip is currently at sea and cannot be booked

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* Prices do not include 5% Tax * IVA tax has been harmonized at 16% across Mexico. The original 11% tax is included in your trip fee. The 5% increase in tax is shown separately

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