West Coast Explore Baja

Departs July 16, 2020 for 9 days and 8 nights on the Nautilus Belle Amie

Sample Itinerary this trip:

Day 1
19:30 board and depart from Cabo
overnight steam to the offshore pinnacles south of Magdalena Bay

Day 2
Exploratory pinnacle diving ; Potato Bank and 66 Fathom Bank wx permitting.
We are super excited to dive these pinnacles in 70 fsw for the first time.
All the right ingredients are there from being perched on the edge of the continental shelf to being gently swept by the California current
We have seen loads of life here in the past when we have steamed by and have always wanted to stop and do some exploring..
overnight inside Magdalena Bay

Day 3
Hunt for the wreck of the USA submarine SeaWolf in 50 feet of water at the entrance to Mag Bay.
We have a good idea of where the wreck is but it will take some searching to find it for the first time
This H class sub was built in 1913, served in WW1 and sank in 1920.

Day 4
at sea steaming northbound
Stopping and exploring if we see any bait balls
It’s early in the year for bait balls and striped marlin but we will have our eyes open!

Day 5
dive Cedros Island kelp forests with a really cool mix of panamic and temperate water critters. and sea lions!
Famous inhabitants include yellowtail, seabass and lunker kelp bass
we’ll be trying for a twilight dive as well.
quiet night at anchor

Day 6
diving San Benitos kelp forest, more critters, more sea lions and schooling yellowtail that the islas are famous for.
shore hike, kayaking and paddle boarding is all easily doable.
overnight run to Sacramento Reef

Day 7
Dive Sacramento Reef
We’ll have our fingers crossed on seeing some pelagic as well as lots of jacks and smaller critters
We might pop over to Geronimo Island depending on the weather and vis…

Day 8
Spare day.
Spare?? Huh?
There is so much to see on the west coast of Baja California that we wanted to include an extra day.
Maybe the pinnacles off Mag Bay will be so hot that we’ll spend an extra day there
Or maybe we’ll encounter floating kelp paddies which are often worth exploring.
Isla San Martin and the offshore pinnacle might be worth a stop
Or as often happens, we might want to spend an extra day at San Benitos..
The point is that we want to keep the itinerary flexible on a trip like this to maximize your experience..

Day 9
8.30 am arrival Ensenada and disembark with transfers to Tijuana and San Diego.
Hope to see you again very soon!! Or stay onboard and head out to Guadalupe Island for a great white shark adventure!!

Join us for a complimentary warm-up dive at Cabo Dive Center on July 16, 2020
Trip boards in Cabo San Lucas at 8:00 pm on July 16, 2020
Returning to Ensenada on July 24, 2020 at 8:30 am

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