San Ignacio Lagoon Gray Whales

A 49 foot long gray mother whale approaches and gently nudges her newborn calf towards your boat, presenting him to be admired. There is a remote lagoon in Baja California where this dreamlike encounters is a reality, and a visit there will touch your soul.

After a few minutes of splashing, a curious calf approached and came straight to me. I started rubbing and scratching the baby and she was so happy about that I think she started purring. She stayed with us for a long time and changed the life of all of us on the panga. I’ve seen and done a lot of things in my life but this was far away the most amazing experience ever. The star lit sky that night in camp was second!

— Ronald Z.

San Ignacio Gray Whales Experience

Whale watching in Cabo san Lucas

Complimentary Whale Watching

The day before your departure, join us for a complimentary BackScatter Photo Workshop and humpback whale watch excursion.

Day 1

8:00am departure from Cabo San Lucas for a 2 hour flight directly to San Ignacio. Our hostesses will be waiting for you with a champagne mimosa before you head out to the Lagoon for your first whale interaction!

Fly to San Ignacio Lagoon to watch pacific gray Whales

Sleep in a luxury glamping tent and pet a gray whale

Day 2 & 3

After relaxing nights in our luxury glamping tents, you will have the option of *3 or 4 whale watching sessions each day.

* national park regulation limits each session to 90 minutes to make room for other pangas

Day 4

You will have time for one last early morning whale watching interaction on Day 4 before your 10:30am flight back to Cabo.

Baja California Grey Whales are super friendly

Ready to meet San Ignacio Gray Whales?