Special guest before our third dive…

Primeiro dia – Cannion – Vimos um cardume de martelos logo no inicio do mergulho, depois vieream as mantas. Uma negra enorme maravilhosa, e depois 2 outras e no final uma mobula. Demais!! Boiller – No inicio vimos varios marteloe e um tubarao tigre. Meu primeiro tigre. Mais tarde vieram as mantas. Lindas e amigaveis. Comecamos muito bem!!
– Viviane, Brasil

At about 1:20pm. We had already done 2 dives in Cabo Pearce, we were getting ready for the 3rd one of the day when we suddenly spotted… An ORCA!! He was a lone male just a few hundred meters away from the boat but we could see him very well as he was cruising along the bay. We quickly got the skiffs ready and went Orca watching for a few minutes before he disappeared into the blue. It was most of the people onboard first time seeing a killer whale. Guests and crew are absolutely stoked. Anything can happen on the Revillagigedo!
– Divemaster Eline, France

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