Flat calm seas enroute San Benedicto Island

Location: Course 193.5°T, speed 9.5 knots, halfway between San Jose del Cabo and San Benedicto Island.

Comments: Wow! Yet another flat calm day on the open ocean. We’re on our way back to San Benedicto Island after turning the ship around, and it’s even calmer than our last trip. It was rougher in Cabo San Lucas harbour with all the pangas, dive skiffs and jet skis flitting around than it is out here! We departed the “virtual marina” at San Jose del Cabo at 1800 last night and should be anchored up at dinnertime tonight. As experienced Canadian mariners, the calm winter seas typical of this area are counter-intuitive to the gales and storms we used to see when scuba diving in British Columbia at this time of year. Nothing like those memories of 50-knot winds in Browning Pass! But hey, we’ll take calm seas any day of the week – especially if it means being barefoot and in shorts and a t-shirt at the same time. We’ll be back in the water, diving at El Canyon, Isla San Benedicto, tomorrow morning.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Scattered stratus and otherwise clear skies, hot, sunny, calm and beautiful.

Water: Water temperature and visibility unknown.

By Nautilus Staff

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