Rough crossing from Socorro Island

Location: 80 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, steering 007 degrees True, speed 8.1 knots in steep seas

Comments: Most of our crossings to and from Socorro Island are pretty good. It’s unusual to have an uncomfortable crossing. Last night started out silky smooth with a remarkably low swell. Unfortunately, the winds picked up around 0300 and we now have a very short, steep sea which is very odd for the open ocean. I’m estimating the wave height at 6 – 8 feet, but it’s like a mogul field with some of the waves virtually vertical walls of water. Very odd but it’s supposed to calm down this afternoon. Most of our guests seem fine with the motion, judging from the way they are enjoying their lunch! A couple of guests are feeling the motion and sleeping it off with the aid of drugs, alcohol and electronic wristbands. I’m just glad that I am on the 116ft steel, stabilized Nautilus Explorer rather than our original 50ft wooden Nautilus VI!!

–Captain Mike


Weather: High broken clouds, winds Force 5, steep, choppy and broken 6 – 8 foot seas from the northwest, air temp 76°F.

Water: Water temperature and visibility unknown.

By Nautilus Staff

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