Water taxi makes Cabo San Lucas seem like Venice

Location: API dock, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Comments: Well, the Nautilus Explorer is back in port and tied up to the API Dock in Cabo San Lucas. Our guests disembarked this morning and the crew were all busy getting the ship turned around, washed down and cleaned up in preparation for the next trip. This harbour sometimes feels like we are in Venice. We had to get some welding done on one of our dive skiffs so Sandy the divemaster motored across the harbour to the boatyard and left Pituca there for repairs. The quickest and easiest way to get around San Lucas is by water taxi so Sandy simply flagged down one of the dozens of passing pangas and made it back to the Nautilus. When the welders wrapped their work, all Sandy had to do was stand on the swim-step at the transom of the Explorer and wave down the next water taxi. We figure that it’s easier to get a taxi in the harbour than downtown New York!!

Weather: Clear skies without even the smallest little cloud, 15 knots of wind, calm in the harbour, air temperature 80°F

Water: Water temperature and visibility unknown but we don’t particularly want to dive in the harbour…

By Nautilus Staff

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