Diving in Browning Pass, British Columbia

Location: Browning Pass, British Columbia, Canada

Comments: Dive Day 1 of the first trip of our British Columbia scuba diving season and we have already done 2 dives in Browning Pass! Browning Wall makes for quite the warmup dive! We boarded our guests in Vancouver yesterday evening and sailed straight up the Inside Passage, past Port Hardy, arriving at Hussar Point, Browning Pass in the late afternoon.

Dive 1 was at slack current an the “Red Wall” (named after the enormous vertical sheets of red soft coral “gersemia rubiformis”) and divers reported “OK” visibility of 20-30ft.

Dive 2 was a twilight dive inside the back bay at “Hussar Point” and the visbility really stunk – less than 10 feet – with no signs yet of the hooded nudibranchs (“malebies”) that this bay is famous for. Everyone is in very good spirits though and we’re hoping for better visibility out in the Pass tomorrow. The topside scenery is amazingly green, very beautiful and especially striking after spending the last 8 months in Mexico.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Overcast, (rain in the morning and clearing in the afternoon), calm winds and seas, air temperature 16˚C  (we’re back in Canada, eh)!

Water: Water temperature 46˚C, variable vis but very, very bloomy after 2 weeks of hot sunshine.

By Nautilus Staff

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