Scuba Dive with the Wolf Eels at Dillon Rock

Location: Dillon Rock, Shushartie Bay, Port Hardy, British Columbia

Comments: Dillon Rock is a barely submerged pinnacle marked by a small green light at the entrance to Shushartie Bay and is surely the most famous place in the world to scuba dive with wolf eels. I have personally seen up to 7 wolf eels here on just one dive. This is also the only place that I have ever had the extremely rare experience of been bitten by a wolf eel (a male that I believe to be “alpha” came up behind me and latched onto my leg as I lay on the mud bottom taking a picture of another wolf eel). Being bitten by a wolf eel is virtually unheard of.

Anyways, today is our first day of the season with our favourite wolf eels. The only sad note is that a big old battle-scarred male nicknamed “One-Eye Jack” (he only has one eye) was lying doubled up on the bottom and appeared to be very near death when our divers found him. Sad, but Mother Nature at work.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Overcast, rain showers

Water: Water temperature 47 degrees F, visibility as low as 10 feet in the shallows but much better the deeper the divers went.

By Nautilus Staff

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