Getting Underway from San Jose del Cabo for the Giant Mantas of San Benedicto Island

Location: Puerto Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico

Comments: Hola from Captain Rob and the crew. Being relatively new to diving in this unique area, I have wondered if the excitement of seeing so many large, graceful sea animals would wear off. How wrong I was! Socorro and the Revillagigedo Islands host an ever-changing, dynamic fauna which is always full of surprises. Humpback whales are showing up in force, and providing constant entertainment. I think we must start a “breach count” to keep track of how many times we see these giants clear out of the water. Though we have not yet had any underwater sightings, any dive is enhanced with the majestic songs of the humpback whale. On this trip we celebrated a 50th birthday, enjoyed stories and documentaries of an accomplished shark researcher, and welcomed back many return guests; some of them on their 7th trip to the Revillagigedo Islands! One thing that keeps things interesting and changing for the crew is meeting so many new people on every voyage, and sharing experiences. Thanks for joining us!


Weather: High thin scattered clouds, winds from the northwest at 15 knots, expecting a following quartering sea enroute to San Benedicto Island

By Nautilus Staff

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