Our First Alaska Expedition and Dive Trip of 2008

Location: Steveston Harbour, Vancouver, British Columbia

Comments: Phew, today was a quick turnaround. Disembarked the guests from our Vancouver Island scuba diving circumnavigation trip  (with great sadness I might add as it was a GREAT trip and a GREAT group of people), turned the boat around, installed a new outboard engine on dive skiff Inde, finished up our Transport Canada survey, changed some radios out, fixed a bunch of last minute post-refit snags and were only 15 minutes late boarding our 1600 (4 p.m.) Alaska guests!! Post-refit is the only time that we have ever been late in boarding and folks didn’t seem at all phased by having to wait for 15 minutes. Special thanks to my 8 year old daughter Emily for her help with the logistics of boarding our guests. We are enroute now for 2 days of scuba diving at Port Hardy (Queen Charlotte Strait, Browning Pass and Dillon Rock in Shushartie Bay), 1 day diving the wreck of the Transpac at Butedale and then it’s off to Alaska!

–Captain Mike

Weather: Sunny, temperature in the mid 70’s, light winds, calm seas.

Water: Water temperature and vis unknown

By Nautilus Staff

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