Basket Stars Stomping All Over Poor Old Gorgonian Coral

Location: Sergius Narrows, Baranoff Island, southeast Alaska

Comments: Did 2 terrific warm-up scuba dives today on our secret pinnacle just outside of Sergius Narrows. The marine life on this pinnacle is very unique to anything I have ever seen with a carpeting of Gorgonian coral from 20 feet down. On the odd dive site at which we see Gorgonian  up here, they typically don’t start until 80 feet and never in such a huge abundance. Just to make things more interesting, vast numbers of basket stars are all over the place, waving their tentacles around and clambering all over the poor old Gorgonian coral trying to get “first dib’s” on inbound nutrients. I kind of feel sorry for the coral! Finished the day off with an evening grizzly bear search and cruise along Peril Strait under clearing skies and bright sunshine at 10:00 at night.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Overcast, light rain showers, light winds, flat calm seas, temperatures in the mid 50’s

Water: Water temperature 45°F, plankton bloom in the shallows with 20 foot vis underneath.

By Nautilus Staff

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