Hoping to Find Grizzly (Coastal Brown) Bears

Location: Sweetheart Creek and the icebergs and glacier of Tracy Arm, southeast Alaska

Comments: Started today off with a hike along Sweetheart Creek, hoping to find grizzly (coastal brown) bears. When the salmon start returning and fighting their way upriver, this is a fabulous spot to watch grizzly bears. We have seen up to 5 grizzly bears at one time here. Unfortunately, the salmon are very late in returning this year and there was no sign of either fish or bears here. I guess I should correct my description of “hiking” along Sweetheart Creek – the first part of our expedition was to a rocky point that juts out above the first waterfall (I don’t know why they call it a Creek when it seems more like a torrential roaring river to me?). We had a nice amble and hike through the coastal rainforest and along the side of the river. After taking a break, I asked if anyone was interested in pushing on to try and get to the top of the biggest of the waterfalls. I can only describe our efforts as “trail-breaking” and scrambling through brush and muck as well as pulling ourselves up a mostly vertical rock face while dodging brambles and prickles. Was it worth it?! YOU BET!! The view while carefully perched on a rock ledge at the upper waterfall was gorgeous and beautiful. No question that our scrapes and scratches were worth it. And besides, mud washes off! Note that only the hardy and brave joined me for the “scramble!!” The area at Sweetheart Creek visited during our shore expedition is located in the Tongass National Forest and is under permit from the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Alaska Region.

–Captain Mike


Water: Another beautiful, clear, calm and warm day…

Weather: Water temperature and visibility unknown as today was not a dive day

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