More helicopters than dragonflies

Juneau gets a LOT of cruise ship traffic in the summer and there is a lot of infrastructure in town to deal with all the tourists.  Everything from a tram that goes up the side of a mountain (which is actually quite fun with lots of good hiking at the top) to a salmon hatchery (something else which is pretty neat as well) to loads of whale watching boats, tour buses, flightseeing and helicopter tours over the Mendenhall Glacier ( which looms over the town and is quite spectacular).  Today was turnover day and as I sat in my office doing paperwork, I happened to look out the window and just about fell over in astonishment.  I’ve never seen so many helicopters flying at one time  –  not even at the height of a forest fire in my previous life as a water bomber pilot.  It seemed like there were helicopters everywhere with one group of 7 flying in a line towards Mendenhall and at least 6 more flying back the other way.  They looked just like dragonflies to my eye and it was a sight that I won’t soon forget.  Our fantastic staff are all busily working away at getting the ship turned around for our next group of guests boarding this evening.  Captain Mike
Weather:Nice early summer weather with broken clouds, calm winds and seas, air temperatures in the high 60’s.
Water: Water visibility and temperature unknown.