Duck F*rts

Location: Inian Island, Elfin Cove, Icy Strait, southeast Alaska.

Comments: I always try to maintain the best of taste in my Captain Log entries. No cussing. No inappropriate remarks. Nothing that might cause offense. So why then am I talking about duck farts? Well, it turns out that the drink called duck farts is a well known alcoholic beverage among local residents in southeast Alaska. You can get them in Juneau, you can get them in Sitka, you can get them in Ketchikan and you can get them in Elfin Cove.

After a great day of scuba diving, inflatable tours, zodiac kayaking (kayaking with a comfort boat ie. zodiac, tagging along behind with beverages, refreshments and an easy way to get home if you get tired of paddling) and whale watching around Inian Island, we took everybody ashore after dinner for a “look-around” the tiny boardwalk community of Elfin Cove. Our guests somehow got waylaid at the Coho Bar and Grill and bartender introduced them to “duck farts.” The Nautilus Explorer was anchored outside the Cove and during the various inflatable shuttles back to the boat it seemed that all we heard from our guests was “we want more duck farts”, “I’d like a duck fart waiting for me please”, “do you know how to make duck farts” and so on.

I suppose that reporting this isn’t really in the best of taste but it was pretty funny at the time. Incidentally, duck farts is a shot glass of layered Kahlua, Baileys and Crown Royal. The layering is accomplished by carefully pouring the alcohol into the shot glass over a spoon held upside-down. The end result really is quite pretty. I have absolutely no idea what the linkage is though to a “duck fart!”

–Captain Mike


Weather: Heavy rain, overcast, windy until mid-afternoon and then calm, 6ft seas outside but calm in our anchorage, air temperatures in the mid 50’s.

Water: Visibility 20 feet, water temperature 45 – 46°F.

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