A realistic appraisal of diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island

Location: In port, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
I’ve received a number of inquiries from folks asking if the presence of a navy frigate anchored at Guadalupe Island is making a difference to our cage diving with great white sharks.   Well…  the short and truthful answer is…   not really. The great white sharks are at Guadalupe  and they are swimming around the back of the Nautilus Explorer and interacting with our divers as per normal.  Every day is different at Guadalupe and while some days can be slow, other days are incredibly hot.  Our last trip was no exception.   Day 1 was kind of slow.  Day 2 was great.  Day 3 was phenomenal.  I was in the cages myself on Days 2 & 3 and can personally attest to some very, very close encounters with great white sharks  –  one big old guy kept on circling 1 foot or so below my cage on Day 3  – close enough that I had that niggling feeling that uh oh, maybe that’s a wee bit too close.   Yes, the Mexican navy is closely monitoring what the “shark boats” are doing but that’s good as it ensures that everyone plays by the rules.  The sharks are here and they are coming in close to the cages.  The Mexican navy is here to ensure that everybody plays by the rules and that all the boats have the correct and required paperwork and permits.  We fully support the Government of Mexico’s effort to protect these animals and ensure that all operators interact with them in a responsible way.  Cheers and heading back out to Guadalupe tomorrow!!  Captain Mike
Weather: Scattered clouds, air temperatures in the high 70’s, calm winds and smooth seas
Water: Visibility 150 FEET in blue, blue water.  Water temperature 71 degrees

By Nautilus Staff

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