Great white shark status report – Guadalupe Island

Location: Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico
Arrived at Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island just after dinner yesterday to find the Solmar V and Islander anchored on site with a day of shark diving already under their belt.  No matter, there is lots of room and lots of sharks for all three of us in Shark Bay.   With an easy evening ahead of us, we launched our 5 shark cages, broke out the cervaza and settled in for a quite night on the hook.  Sharking commenced at 0630 this morning and within the first hour of opening, we had confirmed sightings of 3 different sharks!!!   Yes, the Mexican navy has imposed some restrictions on us but the sharks don’t seem to care and the sightings are as good as ever with a steady stream of great whites all day long.   I took 2 guests down for a ride in the submersible cage mid-afternoon and we had 3 sharks circling us for 40 minutes in their usual pattern  ie.  circle the submersible cage for a while, fin vigorously for the surface, swim past the floating cages and then gliiiiiiide back down to the submersible cage.   The sub cage has both radically altered our perspective and appreciation of shark behaviour as well as seemingly greatly improved the amount of great white interaction that we are experiencing. It’s fabulous. The only downside to today was that in the afternoon we had some of the murkiest water I have ever seen at Guadalupe Island.  I would estimate the visibility at only 40 – 50 feet for the latter part of the afternoon.  Cheers all.   Mike
Weather: Sunny on the downwind side of Guadalupe Island, 20 knots of wind, 2 foot low swell in the anchorage.  Temp 77 degrees.
Water: Water temperature 70 degrees.  Visibility 70 feet in the morning, 40 – 50 feet in the afternoon.

By Nautilus Staff

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