Honest feedback from a recent guest.

Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Baja California, Mexico

I would like to thank you and the entire crew of the Nautilus Explorer for allowing me to be aboard during the December 16-24 charter to the Revillagigedo Islands. What an awesome boat, crew, and adventure!!! At The Canyon ‘check out dive’ off San Benedicto Island, I personally counted over 20 schooling hammerheads, then a Silver-tip shark swam within a few feet, and at the end of what already was a GREAT dive, a Chevron Manta came over to play with me until I had to leave with a bottom time of 67 minutes!!!!!! My bottom times averaged over one hour each during my charter due to the dive freedom allowed on the Nautilus Explorer, plus the steel tanks and the nitrox didn’t hurt. After that first dive, I thought that I had probably seen most of the big marine life I was supposed to see and each dive would just add more encounters of the same. Not so, as I was doing my safety stop during my first dive at Roca Partida a whale shark almost ran into me..  Sea lions, a Giant Yellowfin tuna that was at least 6 feet long, Galapagos sharks, white-tip reef sharks, night diving with silky sharks…the list could go on and on. Thanks again for an amazing adventure!!! Truly the BEST freedom to dive your own profile of any liveaboard I have ever been privileged to be aboard!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!  David Massey

By Nautilus Staff

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