Why I love my job – Divemaster Buzz

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island Revillagigedos, Mexico

We were back at “the rock” and the conditions were great. If you look at a chart you can clearly see that Roca Partida is at almost the exact centre of “the middle of nowhere”, and like I’ve said before just being here is an adventure and privilege, we never know what we’ll see. It’s been pretty quiet here over the last few trips and was hoping that the scuba diving here had heated up a little. It had not just heated up, it was truly on fire. It was like diving into an aquarium. Huge schools of creole fish and and jacks as well as the ever present red tail triggers. Deeper down and around 100ft I could see six or seven large silvertip sharks and further into the blue there were hammerheads. I was so relieved to see sharks here again. I wonder if it has anything to do with the water being several degrees cooler than the last trip, oh and the very chilly thermocline. As if there was not enough going on a small school of dolphins was lazily drifting backwards and forwards across the western side of the rock.  It was like someone had plucked every divers dream and recreated right here. That was just one dive. On dives 2 and 3 the galapagos sharks showed up and the dolphins had been replaced a couple of small female chevron mantas that hung out with us for the entire dive. Day two here was just as “sharky” and a lone manta put in an appearance towards the end of dive 1. Our fourth dive of the day turned in a snorkel. Our first mate Jason, was out on the back and about to board the skiff to warm up the engine when he looked down and shouted “whaleshark” I really thought he was joking. There it was a juvenile male, literally touching the back of our boat. Everyone was so excited. As quickly as possible small groups slipped into the water to try and snorkel with the 15 foot shark. I never expected it to stick around, but he did for half an hour. Slowly swimming right on the surface with a bunch of snorkelers right there. We practically had pull people out of the water with a gaff, the whaleshark just seemed to want to be with us. What a great way to end our time at Roca Partida.  I love my job.  Divemaster Buzz

Weather: High scattered cloud and bright sunshine, air temp 83 degrees, low rolling swell

Water: Water temp 71f visibility 100 feet

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