breaching, sounding and tail-slapping humpback whales at Roca Partida

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico

Tonight we leave the desolate and windswept chunk of rock known as Roca Partida for the much more cosmopolitan island of Socorro, where we will have our usual navy inspection. The diving at “The Rock” was up to its usual standard of excellence, with great visibility and very low current for 2 whole days! Although shark sightings were down compared to last trip, we all got to see our share of hammerhead, silvertip, silky and galapagos sharks over the 8 dives we did here. And as a special treat, a very lucky few of our guests were treated to an underwater sighting of a female humpback whale with her calf! While not all of us were so blessed, it almost didn’t matter as the whales gave us non-stop viewing opportunities from the surface both days, bringing the show to a spectacular climax at the second day. Guests were able to take some great pictures of breaching, sounding, and tail-slapping from less than 50 metres away.  Roca Partida is in wide open ocean and Captain Mike goes to great efforts to route us out here on the calmest days forecast for each trip.  But once or twice a trip the weather g*ds don’t cooperate and the weather was on the rougher side today which made for some exciting moments loading and unloading divers, gear, and cameras on the skiffs.  But all went well and we got some great diving to show for it! 3 days of diving left on this trip, and we’re looking forward to some new adventures. Divemaster Sandy

Surface: 15 knots of wind from north, 6 – 7 open ocean swell with the odd “big one”, cloudy and cool

Water: 24C 73F, mild current visibility 80-100 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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