Captain Mike Is Back at the Helm and Loves It!

Location: Our homeport, Steveston, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Well, the Nautilus Explorer is back in her home port in Steveston, Canada and she is loving it. It has always seemed to me that every ship has a soul. I haven’t been on board as much as I would have liked and the beautiful ship I designed and built and was the sole Captain on for 7 years is not as immaculate and shiny the way she used to be. Good but no longer excellent. The good news is that the crew and I and a host of shoreside support workers (there are almost 30 of us!!) have been swarming the ship like busy ants and the Nautilus will once again be shiny and fresh and spotlessly clean with all sorts of improvements when we board our first Canada trip this coming Saturday…  I can feel the soul of the ship rapidly getting re-energized and ready for sailing!! We can’t wait. Browning Pass and Dillon Rock, here we come!!! Cheers.

–Captain Mike

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It has been three years since my last trip on the Nautilus and six years, since I started to dream about the circumnavigation of Vancouver Island. Now all this is only few days ahead. Irina and I cannot tell enough how we cherish ALL those days we spent on your boat and how we are looking forward to many more to come in future.
See you on Monday, June 1st.
Kind regards,

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