Guest Blog – May 25, 2009

It’s looking promising the more we go north. It was nice this  morning to see the marine life reproducing as they should  ie.  the  vis was not very good.   Chad
Thank g*d for DUI zip neck seals. I blew my neck seal and had a new one in place 5 minutes later. I love DUI. And Chad.   And the  Nautilus Explorer.   Ian
I was just stoked. It was a beautiful dive. I love it. (7 Tree  Island in Browning Pass).    Tyson
Andy Lamb, we have something for you.  The mystery nudibranch on page  261 of Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest described as a  serendiptious find  (mystery tritonid) , is halfway along the wall at 7 Tree at the 50 foot depth. 6 cm in length. We have the photo to prove it!!   And it was  laying eggs!! We hope you see it on your trip on the Nautilus next week.    Julia
There was lots of life at 7 Tree Island.  We circumnavigated 1 1/2 times.  42 minutes. Visibility was good at 25 feet. I found a really neat puget sound king crab shell that Captain Mike identified as being an octopus kill  (it had the classic parrot beak bite hole in the top of the carapace  –  Mike). The shell was at least 12″ across. I haven’t dove through the giant kelp before and it was really neat  cruising through the kelp forest just like when I was a  kid snorkelling at the Harmony Islands…. Looking forward to more diving… Especially Browning Wall tomorrow morning.   Gordon

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